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The Global Citizen Vietnam Feature: Hanoi open debate tournament in English

Check us out – we are featured in today’s issue of Tuoi tre Online, one of the top Vietnamese newspapers!

TTO - Hanoi Open - Vietnam Schools Debating Championship will be held the first time in 2017, also known as “HN-VSDC 2017”; this is the first English debate tournament in Vietnam.

Organized in 28 and 29 of October, with more than 40 teams registered from many provinces across the country, for student from 14-19 years old, the tournament is co-organized by The Olympia Schools and The Global Citizen (Singapore).

The tournament is organized to introduce and develop debate culture in Vietnam, with hope to help Vietnamese students to think critically, write creatively and speak confidently. The tournament also meant to respect students’ opposing ideas.

“HN-VSDC 2017” will choose the best students to represent Vietnam at the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) 2018 held in Croatia.

HN-VSDC 2017 will be carried out following the WSDC format. Each debate will have two teams, representing two opposing sides of the debate. Each student will have 8 minutes to persuade the judge to agree with their side.

There will be two 4-minute reply speeches at end of the debate. The theme of WSDC vary from education to economics, societal issues to environmental issues.


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