Debate is a popular academic co-curricular program for students around the world. Debate improves students’ critical thinking and enhances their presentation skills and general knowledge.

Debate motions will varies across themes, such as: social issues, culture, environment, education, science, etc.

The Global Citizen Vietnam provides qualified and experienced trainers with well-crafted curriculum that will train students to be well versed in the art of debating

Learning Values

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Enhance critical thinking and evaluation

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Increasing general knowledge and awareness

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Communicating in a persuasive manner

Program Opportunities


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Learning the basic skills of debate

Preparing for local debate tournaments


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Learning advanced skills and common debate themes

Preparing for international debate tournaments

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Enhancing debate skills 

Preparing for national and regional debate tournaments

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WSDC Team Vietnam

Preparing for World Schools Debating Championship


Classes Details


tranh biện jinny shin

“As an introvert, I was never comfortable speaking to large groups of people. However, under coaches Walter and Samuel’s guidance, I realized how language proficiency played a large part in my confidence building. Through the numerous opportunities I was given to speak in front of large audiences, without fear of making mistakes, my proficiency in English naturally improved. They consistently worked on my persuasive oratory and helped me break many bad speaking habits. The coaches also made sure that we were comfortable working as a team, enjoyed the experience of learning, as well as excelling in international and national competitions. Their dedication and sincerity has inspired me to develop a passion for debating.


As my passion grew, I was able to achieve success both as a debater and student. From a student who barely contributed during class discussions, to one with the confidence to speak confidently and communicate concisely. Debate gave me the chance to travel to different countries, meet new people and gain real life knowledge from my learning journeys. It also taught me to how to research and process information quickly and efficiently, as well as to synthesize arguments. As a result, I am now more open-minded, and able to empathize with both sides to most issues. If it was not for debate, I would not be who I am today.”

Member, Team Vietnam Development Squad

United Nations International School (Hanoi)

Jinny Shin

tranh biện tạ phú an

“As a new debater, my teachers and coaches were instrumental in helping me get from a knowing almost nothing about debate, to being able to make my first 6 minute speech! Their dedication helped me to push my limits and to get better every day. Though debating is not always easy, there were many times that I enjoyed the challenge of learning a new skill, as well as found joy in spending time with the friends I made from debate.


In particular, attending the World Schools Debating Championship 2018, even as an observer, was a rewarding experience. Under the guidance of my coaches, I watched and learned from the best teams from around the world. Their explanation after each debate also accelerated my learning and introduced me to new knowledge and strategies. It was a tiring experience, but in my opinion, well worth it.”

Observer, Team Vietnam Debate 2018

The Olympia Schools

Ta Phu An