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The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) is an academic competition like no other. With six subjects (Special Area, History, Art and Music, Social Studies, Literature, Science) and four events (Scholar’s Bowl, Scholar’s Challenge, Collaborative Writing and Team Debate), WSC motivates students to constantly learn new ideas, discover new strengths, and practice new skills. 

Teams of three students will compete in Regional Round, Global Rounds and qualified teams get the chance to participate in WSC Tournament of Champions in Yale University (the United States of America). 

Our program is dedicated to teaching students strategic and effective learning methods as well as inculate a love of learning.

Learning Values

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September - November

Collaborative Writing and Team Debate Part I

  • Question analysis

  • Essay structuring

  • Debate Motion analysis

  • Research strategy

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December - February

Collaborative Writing and Team Debate Part II

  • Time essay practice

  • Debate spars

  • Effective teamwork and team dynamics

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March - May

Scholar’s Challenge and Preparation for Regional Round

  • Learning techniques

  • Question answering strategies

  • Understanding 
    topics’ fundamentals

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June - August

Prepare for Global Round

  • Group research techniques

  • Expanding English vocabulary

  • Answering cross-subject questions

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September - November

Preparation for Tournament of Champions

  • Question analysis

  • Essay structuring

  • Debate Motion analysis

  • Research strategy

Program Opportunities

Global Round

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WHEN? Anytime from July to August

WHERE? 3 hosts cities around the world

  • More challenging competition

  • Make friends from other countries

  • Qualified teams move on to Tournament of Champions

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Regional Round

WHEN? Anytime from March to May

WHERE? In Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City

  • Join the competition with teammates

  • Winning medals & make new friends

  • Qualified teams move on to Global Round

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Tournament of Champion

WHEN? November

WHERE? Yale University (New Haven, United States)

  • Compete against the best scholars in the world



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