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The Global Citizen Vietnam
Virtual Open House

The Global Citizen will be hosting a virtual open house on 21-22 and 28 August 2021 to engage with the eager learners in Vietnam as well as to showcase our product offerings for the rest of the year. In line with our vision of inspiring and empowering the next generation of global citizens, the theme for this virtual open house will be ‘Exploring the Future of Work and Learning’. We have planned a slate of events for this virtual open house including talks by educators and students, demo lessons for our products, free diagnostic tests, and a lucky draw to round out the event.


We believe that this event will provide insight for both students and their parents alike. The seats for this virtual open house are limited, we advise interested participants to register their interest as soon as possible to avoid disappointment! See you then!



Prism Language is The Global Citizen Education Group’s newly-launched, premium language platform. At Prism Language, we seek to match students with world-class instructors from across the globe. Currently, we are offering lessons for learners preparing for their English Proficiency Examinations (i.e. SATS, TOEFL, IELTS), to find out more about Prism Language, please do join us at our virtual open house on 22 August 2021!

Prism Language


Polaris Skills Academy represents The Global Citizen Education Group’s foray into adult learning. At Polaris Skills Academy, we seek to equip young professionals and jobseekers with the relevant skills to help them position themselves better in the corporate world. We will be offering classes for resume building and interview skills. To find out more about Polaris Skills Academy, please join us at our virtual open house on 28 August 2021!

Polaris Skills Academy

Singapore Math Classroom

Singapore Math Classroom is The Global Citizen Education Group’s solution to sharing the Singapore Math curriculum to the learners of the world. Recognizing its effectiveness in inculcating it’s students with core mathematical theories and concepts. We are currently offering tailored lessons for our international learners from kindergarten to the 12th grade. To find out more about the Singapore Math curriculum and the Singapore Math Classroom, please do join us at our virtual open house on 22 August 2021!

singapore math.png

TGCA is The Global Citizen Education Group’s enrichment arm. Established in 2015, the TGCA team has worked tirelessly to bring quality education programs to help supplement our students’ learning. TGCA has also partnered with international institutions to create unique learning experiences for our students. TGCA has created more than 10,500 unique student experiences for students across the globe. Currently, TGCA will be offering virtual, tailored lessons across a range of different disciplines, to find out more about TGCA, please do join us at our virtual open house on 21 August 2021!


The Global Citizen


Day 1


For this open house, we will be hosting a range of demo lessons for you to experience first-hand our pedagogy. Exclusively for this open house, participants who sign up for our demo lessons will receive special discounts for future courses offered by The Global Citizen Education Group. Furthermore, students who participate in our demo lessons will benefit from a personalized academic consultation session with our trainers. Our demo lessons will include:

  • Public Speaking

  • Debate

  • Model United Nations

  • IELTS Preparation (Reading)

  • IELTS Preparation (Writing)

  • Mathematics 

demo logo.png

We believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for education and that all students are unique. Want to sign up but unsure of which class you are suited for? Worry not, our team of world-class trainers has specially created a diagnostic test to gauge your performance. Based on your score, our team will be able to more accurately recommend classes which would help optimise your learning. For the duration of this open house, we will be providing free personal consultations with our academic advisors after the conclusion of the diagnostic test. If you are interested to get an assessment of your mastery over the different subjects, do sign up fast as slots are limited. Diagnostic tests are available for:

  • SATS



  • Mathematics

diagnostic logo.png

Career Counselling

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To commemorate the launch of Polaris Skills Academy, The Global Citizen will be hosting a career fair in conjunction with Kalpha on 28 August 2021. In this career fair, we will be offering participants the opportunity to attend career counselling from different service providers.



As the theme of this open house is “The Future of Work and Learning”, we have invited several partners to speak about their experiences and share their insights as to the relevant skills they believe are important for youths to be future-ready. These talks will be held in either English or Vietnamese and will be moderated by our local staff. At the end of each session, the speakers will address questions from participants. Some talk topics are:

  • What you need to stay competitive in universities

  • How soft skills benefited me while studying abroad

  • Panel talk on life as a university student in Vietnamese

  • What Makes the Singaporean Pedagogy Different

  • Panel talk on the future of work

  • What you need to stay competitive in the workforce

TGC Lucky Draw

DSC_0732 (1).jpg

As firm believers in creating a fun and interactive platform to facilitate learning, TGC hopes that this virtual open house will be engaging and educational for all participants involved. To that end, we will be hosting a lucky draw at the end of day 2 (22 August 2021), for all participants. Simply join us for our talks or demo lessons and you will stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

For more information, follow The Global Citizen Vietnam’s Facebook page, you might even learn how to increase your chances of winning! More details will be released on 30 July 2021, stay tuned!

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