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How to Argue and Win Every Time

How to Argue and Win Every Time

SKU: BK010

Author: Gerry Spence

Dimensions: 157 x 236 x 21mm

Format: Paperback | 307 pages

Weight: 349g

  • How to Argue and Win Every Time is a book that teaches you how to argue in everyday life - at home, in the bedroom, with the boss, with teachers, and with your kids. But it is also a book with sweeping implications for American society, for at its heart, it proposes a new philosophy - that winning is not what you think it is and that your enemy's loss may be your loss as well. Gerry Spence, the noted trial lawyer, says we were born to make the winning argument as we were born to walk. But argument is an art as well as a technique to be learned. The winning argument starts with a mindset, one that gives you permission to argue freely when argument has been the forbidden fruit of your childhood. Spence teaches you how to get beyond the fear and to use this fear as your ally. He shows you that when your argument emerges from your own authority, the argument will not only be the winning argument, it will be unique among all arguments.

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