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Justice: What's the Right Thing to do?

Justice: What's the Right Thing to do?

SKU: BK014

Author: Michael J. Sandel

Dimensions: 129 x 198 x 18mm

Format: Paperback | 320 pages

Weight: 236g

  • Michael Sandel's Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do? invites readers of all ages and political persuasions on a journey of moral reflection, and shows how reasoned debate can illuminate our lives.

    Is it always wrong to lie?

    Should there be limits to personal freedom?

    Can killing sometimes be justified?

    Is the free market fair?

    What is the right thing to do?

    Questions like these are at the heart of our lives. In this acclaimed book Michael Sandel - BBC Reith Lecturer and the Harvard professor whose 'Justice' course has become world famous - gives us a lively and accessible introduction to the intersection of politics and philosophy. He helps us think our way through such hotly contested issues as equal rights, democracy, euthanasia, abortion and same-sex marriage, as well as the ethical dilemmas we face every day.

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