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Getting More of What You Want

Getting More of What You Want

SKU: BK008

Author: Neale and Lys

Dimensions: 130 x 198 x 17mm

Format: Paperback | 288 pages

Weight: 240g

  • Most of us worry that we're not very good negotiators - too quick to concede or too abrupt in our approach. But negotiation is present in almost every social interaction - we cannot avoid it. Neale and Lys present a practical new approach that will help you master this crucial everyday skill in every situation.

    Instead of focusing on reaching agreement at any cost, Neale and Lys reveal how to overcome our psychological biases and assess the hidden value in any negotiation. They explain how to know what a good deal is; when to negotiate and when to walk away; why keeping a straight face can prevent you from getting the best deal; when to make the first offer and when to wait; and why meeting in the middle can result in both sides being worse off.

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